Natura Dentures

Natura Dentures

The Natura Denture. This range is designed for people who want a higher quality denture but at a more economical cost.

This very high quality denture uses Natura denture teeth. Although these have fewer colour layers built in than the Enigma teeth used in the Enigma natural looking cosmetic denture, they still look incredibly lifelike.

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They use skillful shading and a subtle response to changing light conditions to achieve their remarkably life-like appearance. The acrylic base also uses Enigma High-Base, the special acrylic that has up to twice the resistance to denture breakage of standard pink plastic bases.

Natura Dentures 5-Year Guarantee

When considering a removable partial denture, many people find the Valplast® Flexible Partial to be the most comfortable option. While the cost can be slightly higher than a partial made with visible metal clasps, the results of the flexible partial gives you confidence while talking, eating and, most importantly: smiling.

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