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Mouth Guards and Bite Guards

Victory Dental Labs: Mouth Guards

Your mouth is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body. Although strong, the teeth and jaws are easily damaged and can often prove difficult to heal. There are a number of ways in which tooth injury can occur; accidents, fights and sports are just a few examples.

Teeth are the part of the body least able to repair themselves

The benefits of a custom made Mouth Guard

  • When playing sports, protect the health of your teeth, gums, jaw and tongue without compromising on your ability to compete to your full potential.
  • Do you grind your teeth at night? We supply attractive, slim-fit bite guards to protect your teeth while you sleep.
  • Our mouth guards provide the closest possible fit meaning that we can increase thickness to make them as strong as possible.
  • They are highly comfortable, with no danger of slipping.
  • They won’t affect your ability to talk or breathe.
  • You can customise your mouth guard for your individual style or have it made in a clear material for discreetness.
  • Custom made mouth guards are recommended by the British Dental Health Foundation.
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Night Guards/Bite Guards for night grinding

One of the most common causes of wear to the teeth istooth grinding (or bruxism) at night. Bruxism is often a result of the increased stresses and strains of everyday life. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to stop because it happens at a subconscious level whilst we are sleep.

Many of us also grind our teeth without realising it in the daytime- usually if we are feeling anxious or are concentrating on something at work or home.

Bruxism can be very damaging. It can cause significant wear to the teeth overtime, making them sensitive, and could also potentially break any fillings you might have. Some people suffer with other issues such as head, ear and neck pain or stiffness in the jaw as a result.

Bite guards have proven to be highly effective in helping to prevent and reduce damage caused by tooth grinding at night.

Mouth guards for contact sports

When participating in full contact sports such as boxing or rugby the potential for damage to the teeth increases significantly. Not only are they at risk of being knocked out they could also be cracked or fractured unknowingly, for example resulting in an infection and the need for a root canal treatment further down the line.

It is strongly recommended by Dentists, Orthodontists (and the majority or reputable sports clubs) that anyone participating in a contact sport should always wear a mouth guard.

In fact, many dental health professionals now argue that a mouth guard should be mandatory, particularly for children.

Many non-contact sports such as ice-skating, skateboarding and cricket also carry the potential for damage to the mouth, thanks to the increased risks of a fall or accident.

A well fitted Mouth Guard or Bite Guard could make all the difference

If you do need a mouth guard for personal or professional reasons, we recommend not to compromise on quality. A strong and well-fitted mouth guard won’t just help to keep your teeth safe, it will also protect your gums and jaw. During sports where there is the potential for a sudden jolt it could even prevent you from accidentally biting your tongue.

Whether you need protection for your teeth at night or you want to keep them safe during a weekly rugby match, the custom-made mouth guards available through your dentist from Victory Dental Labs are the perfect answer. Made specifically for the wearer, our guards are highly comfortable and will offer optimum protection for your teeth.

Designed to fit you perfectly

Pre-made mouth guards, which can be bought easily, are very popular. However, they can have a tendency to look and feel bulky. Because they are not custom-fit to the individual they can often feel uncomfortable. Occasionally they can become loose and may become a potential choking hazard- not ideal if you are in the middle of a sports match!

Everyone’s mouth is different so make sure your mouth guard is too. Our wide range of colours and designs, with each mouth guard individually handcrafted for specifications provided to us from dentists. Dentist’s patients can choose their favourite colour, take the opportunity to unify your local sports team or support your favourite sports club.

clear and coloured mouth and bite guards

From transparent clear mouth guards for invisible protection to moth guards with glitter we provide a huge range of options.

We manufacture mouth guard’s thicknesses from 1mm to 5mm for truly superior strength. Our innovative technology will also help to absorb energy on impact reducing the potential for internal damage.

Please note that younger people will require regular replacement of their mouth guards as their mouth grows and develops. For adults, a guard should last much longer- providing it is well looked after.

Our mouth guards are manufactured within 24 hours of receiving their specifications

Mouth Guard Standard Colour Range

range of standard colours offered for month guards and bite guards

Mouth Guard Multi-colour Examples

range of multi-colours offered for month guards and bite guards

Cleaning and maintaining your mouth guard

As mouth guards are made from a porous material it is possible for dirt and germs to attach to them creating a film overtime. To keep your mouth guard hygienically clean and free from discolouration and damage we recommend an appliance box to store your mouth guard safely.

We also recommend that you regularly clean your mouth guard with Nitradine disinfectant tablets to help keep it looking and smelling fresh.

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