DeFLex Dentures

Deflex Dentures

Deflex® Flexible Dentures Are A New Alternative For Comfort

Deflex is made from a unique synthetic polyamide which is both resistant and flexible without metal clasps. The Deflex material allows for highly aesthetic retention clasps avoiding the old unsightly metal type.

before deflex dentures

Before: Gingival recession

after deflex dentures

After: Gingival mask made of Deflex

before with metal clasps

Before: With Metal Clasps

after  with deflex clasps

After: With Deflex Clasps

About Flexible Dentures

Flexible does not mean Soft. A denture cannot be too soft as it must be able to withstand the forces of chewing as otherwise it could harm the tissue. A flexile denture must also have a degree of stiffness so as to be functional.

Flexibility is useful as it allows the clasps to have enough elasticity so that the denture can be better retained in the mouth.

Deflex Dentures offer the optimum balance between flexibility and stiffness.


The great translucency of the Deflex material enables the denture to blend with the colour of both the teeth and gums making it virtually indistinguishable.


Deflex Dentures are light because they can be made to be very thin. They allow the patient to keep good phonetics.

Under normal conditions of use, the elasticity of Deflex Dentures makes them resistant to being dropped and from getting micro-fractures.