Enigma Dentures

Enigma Dentures

New Improved Enigma Teeth Produce a Natural Appearance

Enigma natural looking cosmetic dentures are the premier choice. Using the incredibly life-like Enigma teeth on an acrylic base made from Enigma High-Base; a special acrylic that has up to twice the resistance to denture breakage of standard plastic bases.

Natural gums vary in colouration depending on the blood vessels and bony structure beneath the surface. Ask your clinician whether they can provide this additional service of reproducing their appearance - using specially developed polymers - the Enigma Colour Tones. The application of these is highly skilled and is normally carried out off the premises in a specialist dental laboratory.

Both the Enigma front and back teeth used in these dentures areguaranteed against excessive and abnormal wear forseven years from the date your denture is first fitted.

Why Enigma teeth are the most cosmetic teeth in the world today

Look at someone in their late twenties or thirties with very good teeth of their own and observe them when they turn their head. You'll see that the upper front teeth are not all the same colour and translucency. The laterals are lighter and appear more opalescent than the centrals and the canines (eye teeth) are darker than either.

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Look again at the centrals and you may see two very slight fingers of translucency, or Mamelons, coming off the incisal edge. These beautiful and subtle effects, formed in natural teeth during development, break up the light and add character to the teeth. Frequently the necks of teeth or the central lobes are darker and their effect changes as the person turns their head. The untrained eye does not consciously register this amount of detail. However, with most dentures the brain registers that something is missing. The incorporation of this detail is what makes an Enigma denture the best in class in terms of cosmetics.

Enigma Dentures: The most natural looking denture

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As people become more aware of the cosmetic appearance of their teeth, the demand for dentures with an improved natural cosmetic appearance becomes greater. Nowadays with enigma dentures this natural look is easy to recreate. Dental teams can provide their patients with highly attractive and cosmetic dentures allowing them to look good, whilst feeling confident and attractive.

Most people find that their denture "feels most natural" when the shape and size of the teeth in it are similar to how their own teeth used to look. There are 27 different sizes and shapes of upper front teeth in the Enigma range and your clinician will help you choose. If you still have some of your own teeth, then your clinician will match the teeth on your Enigma denture to them. There are 17 colours to choose from including, for those who have had their teeth whitened, a very vital bleached shade named HB0.

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For further information on the Enigma Cosmetic Teeth and Denture System visit enigmacosmeticdentures.com or ask your clinician for further details.

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