Denture Repairs

Denture Repairs

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At Victory Dental Labs we repair the majority of broken dentures including chipped and missing teeth. We aim to fix them within a few hours so you can get back to normal life as soon as possible.

Our Services include

  • Appointments available 365 days a year (including weekends and public holidays)
  • Denture repairs while you wait or same day. Addition of teeth to your existing plates
  • Repairs to many types of dentures including chrome and flexible dentures.
  • Fully qualified and very experienced.
  • Only premium materials used including: Natura and Enigma teeth, strongest hi impact acrylic base, Deflex and Valplast flexible denture base.
  • Addition of teeth to your existing plates.
“The strongest repair acrylic we’ve ever used“


A strong base is key to a long-lasting and high-quality denture: PalaXtreme offers a unique combination of benefits to achieve this goal.

No other dental acrylic combines so much strength and flexibility:

  • High-impact & self-curing material
  • Adds to the prevention of impact damage and therefore avoidance of time-consuming warranty repairs
  • Its unique formulation offers a broad range of processing options, with injection and pouring techniques
  • Various gingiva colour options (known Pala shades) and a clear colour option are available

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Why dentures break?

Dentures can break for a number of reasons. In fact, most dental professionals recommend that you change your dentures around every three years or so. This is because as you grow older, your gums will keep receding therefore causing your dentures to become looser. This makes them more uncomfortable to wear and more likely to break as your gums are no longer giving them sufficient support.

The other main reason that dentures break is because they simply are not as strong as natural teeth. They are likely to suffer from daily wear and tear through talking and chewing, this makes the dentures weaker and with the majority of wear usually on the posterior teeth it increases the pressure in other areas, therefore causing them to break.

Denture Care Tips