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How to clean your dentures

Sonic Denture Cleaner

Cleanse your Valplast® appliance daily and keep it in water, or Val-Clean™, whenever it is not being worn.

valplast sonic denture cleaner

Shop brands of denture cleaner are not recommended for cleaning a Valplast or Deflex appliance as they are not effective and may, contain ingredients that can damage the Valplast" or its colour.

Toothpaste and toothbrushes may scratch or dull the surface of your Valplast* appliance. Be sure to remove your Valplast* denture whenever you brush your natural teeth.

Please keep your appliance out of the reach of pets. Dogs and other pets find dental appliances to be attractive chew toys.


Val-Clean concentrated denture cleaner will safely, quickly and effectively maintain the cleanliness of Valplast® and other appliances.

valclean denture cleaner

Specially formulated for Valplast Flexible, Partials Acrylic Dentures, Partial Dentures, Night Guards and Retainers.