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How many appointments do I need?

Making a quality complete set of dentures, depending on the clinical situation, can often mean at least four visits to your clinician. Everyone's face, teeth and gums are different as is the relationship between their upper and lower jaws. Each appointment is crucial for a final denture that looks, fits and works well.

Getting used to your denture

It will take a bit of time to get used to your new denture, particularly if it is your first. Expect a number of adjustments to be needed. Always tell your clinician about your concerns, being as specific about them as possible.

A complete denture will never feel like your own teeth, they will, however, become comfortable and functional with time.

Helping your clinician

Your clinician will plan your new set of dentures with meticulous attention to detail and the information you can provide is essential to this process.

Some of the questions he or she may ask are shown below. You may want to consider them before going into the surgery.

1. What are the problems with your present dentures?
2. What improvements would you like, if possible?
3. Are you happy with the size, colour, shape and position of your teeth?
5. Can you speak clearly with your current set?
6. What do you like about your present dentures?

People often look best when teeth of a similar size and shape to their original teeth are chosen. If you have a photograph showing them, then bring it with you since it will help with the choice.

Note: Sometimes it helps to have a friend or member of your family present when the final set-up of the teeth in wax is checked to make sure that the appearance is just right. Discuss this with your clinician. At this stage teeth can easily be repositioned, afterwards they can't.

Advice for denture wearers

• Clean dentures daily with a tooth or special denture brush, soap and water.

• If you use specially formulated pastes or solutions, always follow the manufacturers directions.

• When cleaning your dentures, always hold them over a bowl of water in case they slip out of your hands.

• Never use bleach or boiling water to clean your dentures.

• Brush any remaining teeth thoroughly, as these act as anchors for the denture and are more likely themselves to become decayed.

• Visit your dentist for regular check-ups even if you have complete dentures. Your mouth will still need a regular check-up.


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